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Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh aka Osho and his thoughts in In The Woods' Heart Of The Ages booklet

Artist: In The Woods...
Album: HEart Of The Ages
Date: 1995

by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh aka Osho

All these thoughts printed underneath the actual lyrics of the songs were hardly visible due to the handwriting and black and white print of the CD/vinyl.

I armored myself with some patience and magnifying glass to write it all down.

Without even noticing it, from Beta to Alpha and the
other way around, had in reality, walked beside you,
hand in hand.
For quite an amount of time.
All this without even noticing any of its fabulous diamonds
As a piece of life finally was led towards its
non-miserable worlds,
you actually gave away a tear (not a spilled one though!)

Oh, what a delightful melancholy.

Yearning The Seeds Of A New Dimension

Among the hills I have wandered,
Through the forests so cold,
Over the mountains of raging thunder,
Followed the ways foretold. (sings: '...my ways untold')
A request, a "leave me be"...
Through the shape that I longed for...
Withering visions...
Bleeding to search for the more...

Behold the memories within,
A questful battle to win,
Towards which he is carrying,
The burden named destiny.
It is pounding proud on his shoulders.
Creating and dreaming
Is it all the same
As I touch this flame...
...Of mine.

I await your call,
Through body, spirit and mind,
I shine - I shine...
The forces of Prima Mater.
Unite us this heathen night,
Yearning your unknown mysterious beauty.
Forever in you I am a Knight
(Pride and might!)

Among hills, we do wander,
Through the forests so cold.
Crossing mountains of raging thunder,
Followed our ways untold...

"Man should make love at the highest level - and this demands a certain
discipline. Man has used discipline not to make love. I teach you discipline
to make love the right way; in a way that your lovemaking not only will
remain as something biological which never really reaches your psychological
Lovemaking has the potential to reach even the spiritual world, and at the
highest level it will reach your spiritual world."

HEart Of The Ages

The surrounding walls for yet unknown qualities.
Have you ever been gifted to watch upon them?
Or the elements so oppressive but still not known.
Was there ever this moment they cared to let you inside?

Mother Nature's son, or just a savage diving into
the wilderness we do adore so much?
There were times of hesitation and of union...
They did enjoy the combination when one hand was
given       ingratitude or even?

[2 lines omitted:
for ages the ground we admire
have been trampled of those whom do not know]

Will the era ever come ...? That of, when man shall
become aware of Her ways and his instincts.
Literature may hold the final words for a glorious
reunion but do gather forces and...
Strive for knowledge wide...
Await my gentle coming "journey", for...

...Once, when all those in the circle of four
greets a welcome through the Entrance, I
will be this one who gathers up with them.
and then to become their fifth and last
comrade of spirituality.

Forever, and into the oblivion of infinity.

"Mankind does not have to surpass nature. I tell you mankind has to
complete nature - something which no animal can fulfil.
That is the whole difference.
You are born a natural creature. You cannot complete yourself. That is
the time as if you try to pull yourself upwards when lifting your
legs, you are able to jump but sooner or later you will fall to
the ground. You may even break a leg as well. you cannot fly
And it is this that has been done. Mankind has tried to rise
above nature. In other words tried to compete and rise above
himself, but Man is not separated from nature.
Man has ability, intelligence, freedom to explore and if you have
explored nature totally consider it is home. Nature is your home."

In The Woods


Pagan myths from the deep, eternal forests.
A true melancholic atmosphere,
Haunts this hidden world.
Where men, for hundreds of years,
Have immortalized their cult.

Moments of...

Down in the forest.
Or, wherever we may care to tread
We are Gods.
Do not follow us as always, present icons.
Of your very own consciousness.

...Monarchs... (and) Queens...
In your very own reality

Thus we do know where our lands are laid down.
With strength of faith, (for honour),
We shall reign forever in loyalty.
For we are Gods, do not obey us...

One with this world,
This is where I long to be.

"Just take a brief look at the animals, the birds. None of them are worried,
none sad, none frustrated. You will never see a buffalo go crazy.
They are totally pleased with chewing the same old grass, each
and every day. It is almost enlightened! There is no excitement,
it is in fabulous harmony with nature, with itself and with
everything just the way they are.
The buffalo never founds any kind of parties to revolutionize the world
to other buffalos to super buffalos to create religious buffalos, honourable.
No animal cares for human ideologies. And the animals are probably
laughing. "What happened to you? Why can't you just be yourselves, the
way you are originally? Why is it necessary to be someone else?
So the elemental and primal thing to is to deeply accept yourself."

Mourning The Death Of Aase

A dedication to the memory of Edvard Grieg;
The classical composer of all times.

"Modern music has lost its charm because it has forgotten the actual
intention with music itself. It does not know that it's originally related
with meditation. The same works for all other kinds of art. They have
all gone non-meditative and each one of them leads humanity
into madness.
The artist creates a certain kind of danger for himself, and thus
he creates a danger for those who are his audience. He can be
a painter, but his painting is crazy, it does not express itself
through meditation."

Wotan's Return

Sing for me
To lift above in all these fallen walls,
And bleed for me,
In the deepest release.

Travelling through honour,
Travelling through strength.
Voyage, floating centuries keeps the key for wisdom.
Feelings for the lost winds.
Winds which howl reverse.
Remote, the fields of oddities odours.

But we will still appear in coats, of mail,
And still obliterate these old origins,
While dreaming a thousand choirs spell their hails.
Towards faithfulness.
Become one with thy weapons.
Sword and soul.
Wotan's Return!

Travelling through honour,
Travelling through strength.
Feelings for the lost winds.
Winds which howl reverse.

"The person enlightened with knowledge is the major enemy of the truth. And
its greatest comrade is the one who knows that he does not know."

Pigeon [instrumental]

The Divinity Of Wisdom

Seek within your own kind of depths,
And tell me the tales of your thousand lies.
Yet, I have withered, but I've grown again,
and designed my own blackness to judge.
For as we all are aware of this suffering pain.
It drowns in this planet's mortality.

Grand changing cosmos offers to man in itself,
myths greater that those unexplored.
If the light, will seem as dark as the day;
even though my dreams were laid down for ashes,
And the fates never were stated, nor told.
Even then I will allow myself the treasures
of existence...

Related with my own balance of knowledge,
I am divided from the pain and the pleasure,
which has been gained from...
all thoughts and memories (from thoughts and memories
As I feel the Divinity of wisdom,
float inside the veins,
of my earthly visions.
I am me, Master, but not divine.

"The existence is one. Its expressions are countless, even though the
soul expressed is always the same. The existence is one divine
force with an infinite variation of mighty creations."

"To know all of the world is nothing compared with knowing your
own inner mistery."

"I am not trying to give you ideals - or to tell you to become
this and that. Simplified, I am only trying to help convince
you to see that you're already everything you ever needed to be.
Just let go of all your yearning, all longing, all ambitions
concerning being someone else, so that you can only
become what you really are.
I do not wish to carry you away from your inner
existence. I wish to come even closer to your existence, so
that you, in the end, remain all alone inside yourself."

These above-written words, incuding all words written
within quotation marks are all thoughts of Bhagwan
Shree Rajneesh; one of the greatest philosophers of modern

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